• The Moral Thief, 2010

    “From my first contact with Gavin, I had complete trust in his skill and taste as a composer. I found myself sitting back knowing he would create a fantastic score completely in line with my vision. I was not disappointed. Gavin gave my film a unique life, style, and energy.”
    – Rafael Garcia – Director, The Moral Thief

  • Nasser, 2005

    “Gavin was quick to acknowledge the film’s complexity. His score was engaging, and it accentuated the overall message of the documentary while simultaneously addressing the subltle nuances. His music displays a true sophistication.”
    – Adam Yeremian – Director, Nasser

  • Joseph Wright, 2009

    “Working with Gavin was a great experience. His understanding of film and his musical versitility make him an excellent composer and a great collaborator.”
    – William Tiki – Director, Joseph Wright

  • She Always, 2010

    “I had a very specific vision of my film, which Gavin immediately grasped and applied to the score. By exercising restraint with the music, he took the story to an entirely new level. I still get chills whenever I watch it.”
    – Braden Duemmler – Director, She Always

  • Captain Valedor, 2006

    “Working with Gavin was a great collaborative experience. The score he delivered was utterly fantastic, and we ended up with something that was so much more than I had imagined.”
    – Kent Sanderson – Director, Captain Valedor

  • Fly, 2008

    “Working with Gavin Keese was both a comforting and creatively inspiring experience. He is professional and very collaborative. I would recommend him for any director and storyteller interested in a unique and innovative score.”
    – Hieu Huynh – Director, Fly